The phrase “island hopping” conjures up positive images. You might think of cruising beautiful sandy beaches on a tour of tropical islands. Too bad cybercriminals have given the term a new, less pleasant spin. Island hopping is an increasingly popular method of attacking businesses. In this approach, the cybercriminal targets a business indirectly. The bad […]

In our digital economy, we send and receive information quickly online. The Internet offers immediate communication with colleagues, clients, vendors, and other strategic partners. Yet we shouldn’t prioritize convenience over data security. What data do you send in a day’s worth of emails? Sensitive data you send might include: personally identifiable information (PII); credit card […]

The average person spends 90,000 hours at work. These hours can cost us sleep, affect our mood, and cause us to gain weight. Oh, and work can cause stress, too. We can’t give you a “get out of work free” card, but these essential Windows shortcuts will help you save time. By gaining efficiency at […]

How much is your business phone bill? It’s not unusual for most major business carriers to charge their customers $800 a month or more.  What are you getting for that? You’re probably getting service using old analog systems, with limited functionality, and excessive long-distance phone charges. It doesn’t have to be that way! What if […]

Many Apple owners believe their Macintosh computers are immune to viruses. Apple itself has run ad campaigns promising its computers “don’t get viruses”. And those who have owned a Mac for years, decades even, are particularly prone to believing. After all, nothing’s happened to them yet. Regrettably, Macs do get viruses, and the threat is […]

The simple – more obvious things: Don’t walk away from your computer without locking it. Would you leave your house door unlocked so that anyone could steal from you, or begin taking up residence in a back room of your house? Not likely… Leaving your computer unlocked when you walk away is essentially the same […]

You may have hated group projects in school, but collaboration is a lifeblood of business. Yet members of a team may not work in the same workspace. Even those who do, don’t want to spend their day crisscrossing the office to get quick questions answered. While they could send an email or pick up the […]

On May 7, 2019, the City of Baltimore, Maryland, with a population of over half a million people, fell victim to a cyber security attack. A month later, City employees still did not have access to their email, and City residents still couldn’t pay their water bill, property taxes, and parking ticket fines online, because […]

Like a persistent cough or muscle strain that won’t go away, many IT issues prove ongoing. Every time they come back you think about getting an expert’s opinion. Then, the cough fades, you can walk freely again, or your computers are back up and running. You keep on going. Until the next time. If you’re […]

Why Your Small Business Needs VoIP Why would a small business need VoIP? Not just another acronym to learn, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) offers many advantages for small business. Especially SMBs that want to run with the enterprise-sized companies. Basically, VoIP turns voice conversation into data packets sent between the two network points. Don’t […]